10 Facts to Know About Senegal’s Youngest President Elect – Bassirou Diomaye Faye

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In Ndiaganiao, in the western department of M’Bour, Senegal, Faye was born in 1980. As the incoming president of Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, a politician and former tax inspector. Here are 10 facts about Bassirou Diomaye Faye everyone must know;

1. Early Academic Excellence:

Bassirou Diomaye Faye’s academic journey began with his baccalaureate in 2000, showcasing his early dedication to education and paving the way for future achievements.

2. Mastering Law:

Faye’s pursuit of knowledge led him to obtain a master’s degree in law, indicating his passion for legal principles and governance.

3. Elite Education:

Faye’s admission to prestigious institutions like the National School of Administration (ENA) and the magistracy in 2004 underscore his academic prowess and potential for leadership.

4. Friendship Bonds:

The bond forged between Faye and Ousmane Sonko during their academic years highlights the importance of friendship in shaping political alliances and shared goals.

5. Rapid Political Ascension:

Faye’s swift rise within the ranks of the PASTEF party demonstrates his natural leadership abilities and strategic acumen in navigating the complex landscape of Senegalese politics.

6. General Secretary Role:

Assuming the position of general secretary within PASTEF showcased Faye’s organizational skills and his ability to mobilize support for the party’s objectives.

7. Unwavering Determination:

Despite facing detainment during his presidential campaign, Faye remained resolute in his pursuit of justice and transparency, earning admiration for his unwavering commitment to his principles.

8. Influential Endorsements:

Faye’s presidential bid received crucial endorsements from influential figures like former president Abdoulaye Wade and the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), underscoring his broad appeal and support base.

9. Visionary Policies:

Faye’s political platform, focusing on issues such as job creation, corruption eradication, and energy reform, reflects his forward-thinking approach to governance and nation-building.

10. Family Values:

Beyond politics, Faye’s dedication to his family, including his two wives and children, showcases his commitment to personal values amidst the demands of public service.



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