Kenya in Turmoil: Protesters Storm Parliament, Five Killed Amid Anti-Tax Demonstrations

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Protesters Storm Parliament Building in Nairobi.

230714150146 03 kenya protests

On June 25, 2024, hundreds of anti-tax protesters breached Kenya’s Parliament building in Nairobi, igniting parts of the structure.

This dramatic incident is part of a broader wave of unrest that has swept across the country in response to the newly approved finance bill.

Despite widespread opposition and intense public demonstrations, Parliament has forwarded the bill to President William Ruto for his signature to enact it into law.

The protests in Nairobi were not isolated; similar clashes erupted in several other cities and towns throughout Kenya. The situation escalated when police opened fire on demonstrators, resulting in the deaths of five people, as reported by a coalition of human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and the Kenya Medical Association. This tragic outcome has intensified the already volatile atmosphere, sparking outrage and further protests.

President Ruto addressed the nation, condemning the violence and attributing it to “criminals” who he claims hijacked the protests. He lamented the loss of life and the destruction of property, including symbols of Kenya’s sovereignty.

Ruto’s response emphasized a strong stance on national security, vowing that the government will deploy all necessary resources to prevent such incidents from recurring. “As the Kenyan people go to bed tonight, I give you my assurance that your security [and] that of your families and property remains my utmost priority,” he stated.


The president’s remarks have done little to quell the anger and frustration felt by many Kenyans. The finance bill, which has sparked this widespread dissent, includes several tax hikes and austerity measures that critics argue will disproportionately impact the poor and middle class. Opponents of the bill have voiced concerns over the increasing cost of living and economic hardship that these measures are likely to exacerbate.

In his address, Ruto did not provide specific details on the measures the government plans to implement to ensure stability and security. However, he stressed the importance of maintaining constitutional order and safeguarding national security. “Today’s events mark a critical turning point in how we respond to grave threats to our national security,” he said, signaling a potential crackdown on future protests and unrest.

The events in Nairobi have drawn international attention, with human rights organizations calling for restraint and urging the Kenyan government to respect the right to peaceful protest. Amnesty International has called for an independent investigation into the deaths of the protesters, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice. The organization has also urged the Kenyan authorities to engage in dialogue with the protesters to address their grievances and find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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The approval of the finance bill by Parliament, despite the intense public opposition, has highlighted deep divisions within Kenyan society. Many citizens feel that their voices are not being heard and that the government is not responsive to their needs and concerns.

This sense of disenfranchisement has fueled the protests and clashes, as people demand more transparency and accountability from their leaders.

The current unrest in Kenya is a stark reminder of the challenges that many countries face in balancing economic reforms with social stability. While governments may argue that austerity measures are necessary for long-term economic health, the immediate impact on the population, especially the most vulnerable, can be devastating. The Kenyan government now faces the difficult task of addressing the legitimate concerns of its citizens while maintaining order and stability.

As the situation continues to develop, the international community will be closely watching how the Kenyan government handles this crisis. The outcome will have significant implications for Kenya’s future, both in terms of its economic policies and its commitment to human rights and democratic principles. The hope is that through dialogue and constructive engagement, a peaceful resolution can be found that addresses the needs and aspiration.

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Source: Al Jazeera

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